#6 Services Rough-in continues ...

Posted by Jaime Dormer on

The rough-in of services continues on like a well oiled machine, I have had the plumbers in and they have installed all the pipes and drains as required, Mark has just about got the ducted air conditioning installed and Brent has been running electrical wire & network cable everywhere, don't know why they call it "rough-in" as it is neat as a pin, check out the way he installs the wiring, almost like a loom out of a car!!

I have decided to go with spotlight basic lighting, there will be three rows totalling about 20 lights, dimmable LED white ones, and then a double track lighting system for the spots to light up the artwork on the wall, some pretty impressive stuff coming there when the time comes, I will save the details for later.

My cabinetry has been done and is ready for installation when the time is right, I have purchased all of the white goods like basins, fridge, sink, tap ware, toilet etc.  I have selected the wall tiles and floor tiles, so that issue is done thank heavens!!

Leigh is back today to take deliveries (gyprock etc), and to co-ordinate with all tradies time frames for install of the sheeting, insulation etc, expecting to start later this week, they still have to install the doors & the bi-folds between the gallery and my office unit next door, so I am looking forward to seeing that!



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