#11 Let there be Light

Posted by Jaime Dormer on

 Now getting ready for the floor coverings, so we had to fill in all of the divots in the floor from where the walls etc were pulled out, the nails and screws when removed left lots of holes that needed to be fixed, otherwise when visitors walked around those with high heels would trip, so all fixed now looks good.  Leigh has finished the grouting in the toilet and attached all of the accessories.

The guys from Carpet Court turned up and surveyed the premises, then in no time flat they had rolled out the carpet and had it installed, the change in the acoustics is excellent taking away the echo!!  Now for the electrical, all the rough in was done, now we just have to connect it all up, new switchboard, instant hot water as you use, fantastic little system, lots of power and downlight and a full double track lighting system that skirts the room all controled by WiFi switches that can by sequenced, dimmed etc. 

My target date for completion is getting very close, being the end of the month, that's this coming Saturday, only have the A/C fit-off, tinting, blinds, bi=fold install & then last of the painting, then I will be done !!!.


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