#14 Finished at Last

Posted by Jaime Dormer on

Well it took a little longer than I had estimated, due to a missing part for my bi-fold doors which took about five weeks to get, a bit ridiculous considering we can get parts from anywhere in the world in a matter of days delivered, but eventually the parts arrived and job has been completed.

So the painter has returned to finish his work and the chippy has also returned to do a few finishing touches, the electrical is now completed and I have now ordered the spot lights, waited for a Christmas special discount that saw a @25% off retail prices, so that worked well, just got to wait for them to arrive in the New Year.

The kitchenette bar area has now been garnished with lights that you wave at to turn on, a bar fridge and a personalised splash back that I can interchange with other images of mine as regularly as required, and to top it off I have also installed a fully automatic De'Longhi coffee machine courtesy of super chrissy sale at Harvey Norman bringing the cost of the machine in budget but twice the machine I was going to buy, so win win!!

I have spent the last @four months finalising images for my website, I have finally reached over one thousand three hundredcommercial images ready for sale on my website, a target I set my self some ten years ago, I have also got two hundred jigsaws to select from, with other products on the way, all getting ready for gallery opening soon.

I am now ready to start selecting images for the walls, as it will be a permanent exhibition, the selection will be ever changing from month to month, framed prints being replaced with new options or themed works, all exciting.  So I look forward to 2020 creation of the permanent home of JDP Photography!!!


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