#5 Services & Rough-in

Posted by Jaime Dormer on

Stage three of the renovations has commenced today, with the first of the basic services being installed into the gallery ceiling void, Mark from Staycool started installing the air-conditioning ducting, looks like a big silver snake weaving around the roof cavity to deliver very important cool & warm air during the seasons.  

My cabinetry guys were here, Endre for Dimension Design, he is doing the cabinetry, so was here to confirm the measurements for where the kitchenette & bar will be installed.  Leigh from Leightal Constructions spent some time double checking completed work and to organise some modifications that are required as well as working out co-ordination timeframes with the various services so they can commence Stage Four of the renovations, plaster sheeting etc.  Other services underway include plumbing & electrical all expected to be completed by mid next week!!

Myself meanwhile, I am driving around shopping & picking up bit & pieces for the gallery, deciding on colour schemes and putting together the grand design from my head to reality, checking off against my budget, all on course currently, don't expect to have any significant surprises hopefully.  I have put a lot of thought and preparation into the whole renovation including looking way forward to the types of frames that will be displayed in the gallery when completed, my prints will be framed in a unique moulding specifically hand-made for me by Scott from Dawsons Framing!



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