JDP Online has aquired artworks from various artist over the years, some of these precious works are no longer available except from other collectors.  Purchasing a piece of art not only provides a personal pleasure to those that are able to hang it up on the wall, but it often has an investment side to it.  Some of these works below have doubled in value, with some now being worth five to six times the cost that I paid for them.

You too can start your own collection, by just starting with one peice and adding to it as time goes by. The best time to purchase a peice of work is when it is first released, as it will increase in value as more are aquired by other collectors.


KEN DUNCAN (Limited Editions)

#2/300 "Bejeweled"  

"The Ken Duncan Collection"  

"Walking in the Light" (Platinum)  


 The Ken Duncan Collection

 Walking in the Light (Platinum)


JOSHUA HOLKO (Limited Editions)

#2/25 "Mother & Cub"

 Mother & Cub


ANDRIS APSE (Limited Editions)

"Light & Landscape"

 Light & Landscape


JOHN WISEMAN (Limited Edition)

#2/11 "Imperial Giant"

#2/100 "Book"

 Imperial Giant




"Irrawady Boatman"



PETER JARVER (Limited Editions)

#2/200 "Squall Line"    #2/200 "Radiance"

#2/500 "Still Life"  

"Squall Line"



HANS STRAND (Limited Editions)

#50/50 "Above & Below"   #50/50 "Iceland, Above & Below"

"Iceland Above & Below"

"Iceland, Above & Below"


IGNACIO PALACIOS (Limited Editions)

#2/5 "Coogee Beach Pool"   #2/5 "Bronte Baths"  #2/20 "Uyuni Hexagons"  #2/20 "Fall Colours" 

Coogee Beach, Ross James Memorial Pool

Bronte Baths

Uyuni Hexagons

Fall Colours


DAVID MURPHY (Limited Editions)

#2/30 "Aftermath"  



ROB ELLIOT (Limited Editions)

#2/3 "Ship Breakers"  

Rob Elliot


CHRISTOPHER SHAIN (Limited Editions)

#2/20 "Margaret Olley, Passincrou House"  

Margret Olley



"Taj Mahal"

Taj Mahal



DARREN JEW (Open Edition)

"Old Pete"  



DARCY DOYLE (Limited Editions)

"Arrival of the First Fleet"

"Arrival of the First Fleet"

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