Open Edition - Europe 2020

All of the images are of a (5 by 7) or (7 by 5) ratio format, from sixteen inches wide  (plus 0.75inch paper boarder) size up to various selectable larger sizes, and may be purchased as a print only.   Each of the prints have been digitally signed, titled & dated by the artist and printed on a selected world best & highest quality archival Paper.

As part of my travels in the past I have been asked if any of the images are for sale, well of course they are!!! That is what I do, I therefore have decided to upload some selected images to my website as I go along, now these images will be in a specific formatted size (ratio of 5x7or 7x5, 16”,20” & 30” longest side) and be available whilst I am away at a supa dupa low price, however it will be restricted to a certain number of pieces per print only whilst I am on tour, hence delivery will be post my return to Australia @ 15th April 2020 so keep that in mind. Price will include delivery anywhere in the world via Australia Post with tracking.