Exhibition "Collaboration" (Sept 2017)

Your invited to experience an evening with us and other fellow photographers and art lovers to our exhibition "Collaboration", which will showcase some absolutly stunning Hand-Crafted Framing & Fine Art Photography.  Mr Ken Duncan, Australia's most reknowned panoramic photographer, publisher & gallery owner shall be opening the evening, Ken is an encylopedia of knowledge which he is always prepared to share, so a unique oppitunity that should not be missed.

At our exhibition you will see some amazing peices of work by Jaime Dormer all framed by master-framer Scott Dawson, his unique handmade frames will open your mind to the endless possibilities of his mastery skills in all areas of framing.   So, we welcome you to come a long and spend a few hours enjoying our hospitality, drinks & nibbles provided, casual dress is the code, and all we ask is that you register below so that we can cater for the pending numbers, thanks in advance, Jaime Dormer (Photographer & Curator) & Scott Dawson (Master Framer).