All Limited Editions

Images displayed within this gallery are from our Limited Edition collection, meaning that there is a limit to the number of prints of each image.  All images have been personally hand-signed, titled & dated by the artist (Jaime Dormer) and printed on a one of the world highest quality Hahnemühle papers which has been specifically selected by Jaime Dormer himself.

Image sizes range from 400mm (16") to a huge 2,000mm (80") on the longest side, images may be purchased as a "Print Only" or as a "Finished & Ready to Hang" artwork.  There are five only releases of each print, with each subsequent release increasing in value by about thirty-five percent, so it pays to get in early.

The first release is a single print No.#1 and is retained by the Artist himself, the second release is again a single print being No.#2 of the series and is for sale, this print is an "Artist Proof" and comes framed only as approved by Jaime himself, the third, forth & fifth releases comprise the remainder of the series and are normally one third of the balance in number of that series, and increase in value as each release is sold out.

It is advisable to join our JDP Gallery mailing-list if you wish to be on early notice when a new print is released as they are normally released in very small limited numbers worldwide and once sold out are gone.