Totem Pole in the Desert

Totem Pole in the Desert

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Touching down at our feet the bright yellow sunlight catches on the grassy knoll in dancing halos of twinkling golden stalks. The desert air, fresh and crisp gently stirs a fine dust from the red rolling dunes leaving wavy finger trails across it's pristine surface. Like ocean waves they rise and fall meandering across the valley to the foot of the rocky escarpments.

Towering above all it surveyors stands the red rocky pinnacle formed by weather and time, proudly straight and statuesque in the harsh desert environment. Born of the earth, carved by harsh winds and stinging sands, weathered and worn over countless changing seasons it rises skyward in a tower of strength and durability.  Honoring resistance, a beacon of perseverance to the wandering traveler in search of natures inspiration.  

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