Porto di Portovenere II

Porto di Portovenere II

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A splendid day on the water, warm sunshine, cool breezes and a Mediterranean playground in front of us.  The vibrant painted homes of the coastal town sing out to us across the gentle waves gaily, they speak of summer and festivity, good wine and great food.  Nudged up side by side along the harbor shore they look out on the turquoise waters glimmering in the warm sunshine.

High on the hill lies a sprawling castle, it's high stone walls over looking the town and port below.  Both guarding the little village and demanding it's homage it lords over the port, impressive in size and construction.  On the water fishing boats and luxury craft bob up and down on the tide side by side.  A gorgeous view, let's go ashore and find a little cafe to eat in while we watch the world go by.

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