New Years Eve III

New Years Eve III

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The final crescendo sends the heart racing as your senses are enveloped in a cacophony of sounds and the sights that are the hallmark of celebrations. The Fireworks; a dazzling display of brilliant pattern forming sparkles and shape, changing colours, taking you into a moment of pure joyful imagination that leaves  you gasping for more as the sparkle dissipates to fine ash and hazy grey smoke.

The artist has captured the explosive moment when colour, pattern and shape form that perfect image of what we all recognise as the pyro technician's moment of glory. When all the planning, measuring and calculations, culminate to the moment of climax, when the heavens are ablaze with their spectacular story of luminescent excitement, sound and smoke, and we are left with a joyful heart having shared the emotion of the event with many strangers.

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