Barley Grass Silhouette II

Barley Grass Silhouette II

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One of the very first cultivated grains the cereal crop has been feeding the world since the time man started to gather. Set alight by the sun we can see every whispery strand reaching out like feelers into the world around them. Fine needles of gold which surround the head of crop, protecting its center where it hides precious grains, food for our tables throughout history.

We are standing in the farmers field at dawn, golden rays reach out to warm the new day in this golden landscape, a sea of gently swaying stalks of grain. Life giving soil under our feet tilled and toiled over generation after farming generation, above us stretching from one horizon to the next a wide blue expanse of perfection. Smell the earth, run your finger tips across the crop and take in the wide open space of country life.

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