Autumn Vines II

Autumn Vines II

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It's that magical season of change, long summer days have shortened their length and the sun has lost it's sting, the evenings are crisper and the mornings more fresh.  Our field of vision is set ablaze with the golden burnt colours of Autumn, fiery oranges, ruby reds and golden yellows lingeringly cling to the vines and branches.  Hanging on in a blinding display of natures glory they gallantly yet hopelessly fight against time and the creeping winter to come, many already having lost the battle litter the ground like fallen memories of summer.

The seasons last swollen grapes dangle in quiet clusters, rich with their burgundy juice, waiting the final picking before the winter season comes to bare the vines completely.  Taste their tangy sweetness on your lips as the golden leaves crunch underfoot.  Autumn in the vineyard, an artists palette of colour a child's playground of leaves.

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