Broken Ice

Broken Ice

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Rising as a monolith into the light, this ruptured sheet of broken ice mirrors colours and patterns back across the glassy waters it floats in. The artist has captured the cold blues surrounding the glimpsing yellows and whites that is the tiny radiated warmth coming from the far rising sun.

Hues and tones on the solid icesheet surface introduce us to the colours of the environment as our eyes follow the artists journey to capture this image. The tiniest hint of warmth from the early morning light, rising softly over the horizon and silhouetting the Canadian ice brings us the triumph that is our sun. As the mammoth drift raises its nodding head due to the falling water level, the lower end sinks further below till it touches the uneven floor of Abraham Lake leaving it broken, snapped off, standing angled to reach out and take hold of your attention and draw you into its jewel like illumination, icy transparency frozen in time.

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