Beechworth Rail Trail Walker

Beechworth Rail Trail Walker

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Beechworth Rail Trail is colourful and inviting in its autumn dress, the trees form a guard of honour inviting us to cross the white wooden bridge and follow the path that was once part of the old railway line to see what is beyond. Hurrying along under an umbrella of roasted orange leaves the swirling mist reaches between the dark trunks as if welcoming us ever onwards.  The wind playfully rustles the dry and crackling autumn bounty, tossing its litter through the air, across our path and underfoot where it crinkles and crunches.

The sun is doing its best to light the day but the fog is swallowing its brightness, turning the light gently soft and giving our walk a beautiful painterly quality.  The air so fresh and crisp keeps us moving, what's around the bend, let's go explore.


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