Wallace's Campfire (Panorama)

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The log fire is waiting for you, pull up a stump as we say in Australia, sit down by the fire and warm yourself in its glow.  This is the high country, land of legends and home of the Snowy River, mountain men and their wild bush horses.  There's a nip in the air even now out of snow season, that always is up here, freshness in every breath, pristine mountain air.

Slowly the light is fading from the sky turning your view rose tinted and mellow, the surrounding trees your only company to witness the first evening star twinkle above.  A blank canvas soon to be filled with the spark of a billion celestial bodies that accompany the Southern Cross and Milky Way.  How long will you linger by the early settlers fire? Put on the Billy, roll out your swag and stay the night.

SKILL LEVEL:  Medium, designed for the person that likes a challenge, but does not want to be too challenged.

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