Pentland Hotel (Landscape)

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Established in the mid 1850s, Pentland has a big history to share with those who know where to look.  Pentland takes its name from the Pentland Hills to the north of the town, which were named after the Pentland Hills in Scotland. Originally named Betts Creek, the name was changed in 1885.

The discovery of gold played an important part in Pentland's history but it was the railway, which opened in 1884, that really gave life to the town.  Later the meatworks, which was opened during World War II, provided another boost to teh town and became an important source of employment for many years. 

Pentland's History Wall Discover Pentland's History at the Pentland Hotel. The recently installed history wall covers the early days of Pentland, the railway, the goldfields and the meatworks. Entry is free and it's open from 10am everyday.  Background to the History Wall, The mother of one of the owners used to work at the meatworks and always told incredible stories of her days working there. It's such a shame that the story of the meatworks ended the way it did, but it's a pretty interesting story nonetheless. Local lady Robyn Muller has written a book on the meatworks "Cape River Meatworks - From Go to Woe", which captured a lot of the stories and photos of the meatworks. Much of the content for the meatworks section of the wall comes directly from her book so we owe her a huge thanks both for her time putting together the book originally and for her permission to use her works.


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