New Parliment House (Landscape)

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New Parliament House is the seat of the Australian federal government and is located in the capital city of Canberra. The building was designed by architect Romaldo Giurgola and was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II on May 9, 1988.

Construction of the building began in 1981, and it took seven years to complete. The building is situated on Capital Hill and was designed to be integrated into the landscape, with the majority of the structure built underground. The building's distinctive design features a flag mast rising from the roof, which is visible from many points in the city.

The building's interior is designed to be open and accessible to the public, with large public areas, such as the Great Hall and the Members' Hall, designed to encourage public participation in the democratic process. The building also features an impressive art collection, with over 6,000 works of art on display.

Since its opening, New Parliament House has become a popular tourist attraction, with visitors able to take guided tours of the building and attend parliamentary sessions when in session. It has also become a symbol of Australia's democratic process and the country's political history.

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