Mt Buller Mist (Exhibition)

Mt Buller Mist (Exhibition)

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Winter gives way to Spring in the Victorian mountains, the snow has receded to higher ground and the air is filled with cool moist air creating a misty fog that slowly crawls ever so silently over the forest floor. The unique blend of colours and creative effects in the scene helps depict the beauty and serenity of this natural atmosphere, to leave you speechless and in a state of marvel, the wet grass which is swayed by the wind looks like it is dancing to the rhythm of nature.

The tranquility portrayed in the image invites you to sit a while and observe the Australian environment, listen to the flowing foggy mist drifting through the woods while the birds sing sweet melodies to your soul.

FRAME & PRINT DETAILS:  This is a totally unique "one-of-a-kind" exclusive Hand-made & crafted Dawson veneer frame with a full grain fill polished to perfection, this special frame has been made with a gentle curve to give the feeling of actually being there, looking through a window at the scene. Image has been printed onto an Omnijet Glossy White Film and then front-mounted onto a 6mm acrylic substrate and laminated for protection. [Actual Image Size 67"x24" (170x60cm),  Outside Frame Size @ 87"x43" (221x110cm)].

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