Hamilton Beach (Landscape)

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Coconut palms sway gently on the ocean breeze, shading us under their natural umbrella from the warm tropical sunshine. Pull up a lounge chair and relax to the sound of the waves tumbling rhythmically against the golden yellow sands. Parakeets of rainbow colours decorate the skies as they wing past in cheeky vibrant clusters on the hunt for fresh tropical fruits. You've arrived in paradise, the beach is yours.

Watch as the ocean breathes its salty waters at your feet rolling in on a gentle froth capped carpet of refreshing azure blue liquid. Will you take a dip in the inviting waters or laze away your day on the sand. There is no wrong way to enjoy paradise as long as you're there, it steals away your stress and massages out the tension of a faraway busy existence. But that is just a memory here on the sand in the sun.


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