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In the middle of nowhere, the center of the road, dead ahead as if we could of missed it in all it's radiant autumn glory of shedding golden magnificence.  Billowing proudly like a natural neon billboard in a field of quiet green stands a sign marking our options, bidding us to choose.  

To the right the road is strewn in golden offering from our decision tree, is it hinting the way to go?  Do we trust in natures guide posts to lead us onto a richer destination awaiting over the rolling green hills or does our rebellious streak yearn to ignore the subtle signs?  Shall we lean left and take our chances, the road less traveled, off the beaten path, adventure awaits.  The rolling clouds shroud the distance options from view, there's no way to tell, which way will you go?

Posters are printed onto a 260gsm glossy paper, overall finished size is 41"x17" (@104 x 43cm), with the image size being 39.5"x13.5" (@100 x 35cm).

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