Clowning Around (Round)

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Bold glowing lights string our path, the crowd is noisy and the atmosphere cheerful, gourde bright colours confuse our choices, surrounding us in pulling options of chaotic fun and tempting tastes.  Will you ride the spinning teacups to dizziness or chance the dipping roller coasters thrill.  Hot dogs waft on the air amidst the overwhelming display of sights and sounds as we weave our way through the carnival atmosphere of Sideshow Alley.

In bizarre synced rhythm the speechless open mouthed clowns ever turned their freakish faces silently begging for ping pong balls.  Perhaps the oldest of show games and yet faithfully still intriguing to the young and young at heart alike.  With Fairy Floss in one hand and chance on your side will you try your luck?  Everyone's a winner.


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