Balloon Below (Exhibition)

Balloon Below (Exhibition)

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This image was captured floating over the Hunter Valley, north of Sydney in New South Wales.  Below us is one of Australia's oldest and most prominent wine regions, with a viticultural history dating back to the early 1800s.  Hot air ballooning is a very popular way to view this most picturesque of locations, with the morning sun just risen and crisp fresh air surrounding us it's a tranquil and mesmerizing experience.

Gazing around this image appeared before me for only a fleeting moment as we hovered above one of our fellow ballooning parties and I was taken in with the graphic nature of the view.  Triangles, circles and rectangles with such a vibrant splash of colour layered below me in passing harmony, visible and then gone again a moment later.

FRAME PRINT DETAILS:  Framed in a prestige white mijorca moulding with clarity UV70 glass, two white acid-free matts with a Dawsons hand-made green olive linen accent and silver fillet. Image has been printed onto a Hahnemühhle Photo Rag 308gsm 100% Cotton white paper & had three coatings of Hahnemühhle protective surface spray applied in a crosshatch direction. Actual image size is 20"x30" (50x76cm), Outside frame size is @ 35"x45" (89x114cm).

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