Antelope Canyon (Exhibition)

Antelope Canyon (Exhibition)

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On Navajo land east of Page, Arizona, Antelope Canyon is actually two slot canyons primarily formed by flash flooding of the sandstone landscape during the monsoon season.  With the twisted wavy canyon walls ranging from 1 - 3 m in width and up to 50 m deep they form an ethereal red cathedral of light and sculptured rock.

Shinning down from the world outside the sun rays enters the deeper canyon in a stream of brilliant white like a searchlight to the canyon floor.  From the sandy bottom it reflects out, bouncing off the rock walls and lighting the space in a beautiful glow, the textured walls felt rough and dry under my fingers as I explored the twists and turns of the craggy tunnels.  Guided by the light and shadows to photograph the mesmerizing qualities of this unique environment I was drawn to capturing the floating light beams and fluid details in the wave like sandstone walls.

FRAME PRINT DETAILS:  Framed in a prestige white mijorca moulding with clarity UV70 glass, two white acid-free matts with a Dawsons hand-made dark oaka linen accent and silver fillet. Image has been printed onto a Hahnemühhle Photo Rag 308gsm 100% Cotton white paper & had three coatings of Hahnemühhle protective surface spray applied in a crosshatch direction. Actual image size is 20"x30" (50x76cm), Outside frame size is @ 35"x45" (89x114cm).

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