Licensed Media

Permitted Uses (Explained)

  - Online Use includes Websites, Social Media etc
  - Printed Material includes Brochures, Cards, Stationary, Magazines, Books etc
  - Splashback upto and including a total area of five (5) square meters.
  - Wallpaper upto and including a total area of fifteen (15) square meters.
  - Billboard upto and including a total area of fifty (50) square meters.
* Please refer to Licensing Terms & Conditions for complete details

    License Terms & Conditions (In Brief)

     Single Use Only   |   Licensing Terms & Conditions apply   |   Delivery is via Dropbox Link to customers email   |   License T&C's included with download   |   All Prices include GST
    ** These images are very high resolution allowing the printed image to be very large,  we have had clients print up to 12m(48ft) long, or 3-4m(12ft) high, so you can have complete confidence in image quality!   for full details of the Licensing Terms & Conditions please click here