Wild Oats Eleven

Wild Oats Eleven

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Just about to pass through Sydney Heads the racing yacht on its way down to Hobart, sails full and speeding across the white capped waves is ready for whatever Bass Straight has in store.  Crowds are gathered on whatever shoreline spots they can find to see off the Annual premier boat race in Australian waters, there is a palpable excitement for the crews as they head out to sea, I imagine on board the tension is even higher.

From our vantage point looking out over the open ocean through the heads a strong breeze is blowing and the powerful and elegant yachts suddenly seem small and vulnerable once they've left the sheltered harbour.  We wave farewell and wish them godspeed and a safe race from our perch on the cliffs, we'll have to watch the rest of the race from our lounge chairs on the TV.



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