Wedge Island

Wedge Island

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Wedge Island is a sight to behold, it is a feeling that worms its way inside you and yearns to be nurtured. The lovely blue sky with its fluffy white clouds creates a sense of calmness and serenity in such a grand scaling landscape. The incoming waves rush to tell of what is to come with their energetic overflow of the rocks jagged edges.  Shaped in the style of a wedge by the relentless waters, nature is revealed as an artist in its own wide realm.

See how the artist has through his lens captured the creativity of nature. With the color of the rock still looking fresh amidst the waves that hit it. Listen as the artist has been able to send out a motivational message, stand firm amidst the storm of life. A mental picture is imprinted on our hearts that no matter the barraging waves of this modern rushing life, we need to stay firmly planted to let time shape us into beautiful towering creations of strength.

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