The Walls of Highway #93

The Walls of Highway #93

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A scene of majestic grandeur rises before us, captured by the eye of a true professional who has layered this captivating view for us to enjoy. Perfection and symmetry look up and feel the winters chill in the air as it swirls down from the towering cliff tops carrying the taste of snow with it.  Smell the standing pines stretched along the battle front as a legion of roman sentinels guarding their rocky escarpments that soar to dizzying heights at their backs. 

This is the land where Eagles soar; this image is an invitation to a road trip, a journey to discover beauty and fresh mountain air.  Can you taste the freedom, wind your window down and take it the glorious layers of creation framing our adventure.  The further we go the further you leave your worries behind you on highway #93.

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