The Toadstool

The Toadstool

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Under a perfect blue sky the sculptured landscapes shimmers on heat waves so as to move and flow with an ancient energy.  Warmth seeps out of this intensely beautiful image, feel it radiating out to you from the swirling earthy colours drifting through on the dusty air.    Step up and enjoy the deserts dramatic display of shape and form, of the uniqueness of nature that never makes two equally identical objects. Be careful of the spikey green vegetation waiting to ensnare the unsuspecting traveler and come leave your footprints in the sand as you explore the wind worn crevasses.

There are places on earth where the senses intensively notice the beauty of the scenery and the artist has cleverly created an impression of being part of that immense beauty. The whole scene creates an extraordinary feeling of synthesis with the creative essence of time and conditions that have transformed this masterpiece for us the bear witness.

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