The Soul of Paradise

The Soul of Paradise

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We are drawn into this image by the photographer who is inviting us to come walk on the beach, feel the freshness of the seaside. He’s there now, at home in this paradise, calling us to see what he sees.  Beautiful shades of blue with neutral muted tones and color that make the structures come to life in the image. The building complex stands out on the coast line and gives a luxurious note to the whole electric feel of life in paradise. The peaceful beach next to the graceful sea awakens the wish for rest and relaxation whilst enjoying all the modern creature comforts in the thriving modern city architecture.

The beauty and simplicity of nature make the perfect escape from the power and rush of human creativity and construction. It’s all here on your doorstep, come soak up the magic of the peaceful coexistence of man and nature, a place where anyone would love to call home.

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