The Pumping Jetty

The Pumping Jetty

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What is it about the sea the magnetically draws us to come and look, watch my waves swirl and fall it calls, watch me play amongst the jetty pylons, lose your worries in my ebb and tide.  And to stand above it while it runs beneath us in rhythmic chaos makes us feel like King Trident himself, majestically in control of the powerful waters, pumping, spraying but not quite able to reach us. Walk out and survey your kingdom, throw caution to the wind and experience man’s triumph over nature.  A true proof of competence in architectural design and ingenuity, we’re literally walking on water.

Such a beautiful blend of the blue waters and the blue skies brings a harmonious sense of serenity.  The pylons rooted firm and deep in the sand reflect delightful swirls of colour off the restless water’s surface.  Stay and splash a while, you know you want too.

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