The Pinnacles IV

The Pinnacles IV

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These ancient rocks stand defiant and unmoving in the hot, desert sun. No respite from wind, rain, or sand has left the limestone scarred and worn. But the scars add to their beauty, and their wounds become wonder as you marvel at the intricate patterns woven through each one. Each rock a monument marking the passage of time, each testament to the strength in its stone. 

The pinnacles stand among one thousand friends, in Nambung National Park, on the edge of the Indian Ocean. Here, the desert meets the sea and the result is a breathtaking, harsh beauty. Your gaze settle on two rocks locked in a partnership, one shielding the other from the sun, the other, eroded from shielding it's friend from the wind. 

The long shadows mark the passing day like ancient sundials. The rocks themselves, mark the passing centuries, history told in their grooves and hollows. 

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