The Pinnacles III

The Pinnacles III

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These ancient rocks stand defiant and unmoving in the hot, desert sun. No respite from wind, rain, or sand leaves the limestone scarred and worn. But the scars add to their beauty, and their wounds become wonder as you marvel at the intricate patterns woven through each one. The sunlight at this hour brings shade to the depths of each channel, time's fingerprints coloured more shades of limestone than you thought possible. 

While the pinnacles remain still, the sand dunes are ever shifting. The shadow cast by the valley in front of the closest rock is evidence of the fickleness of the sand. The rock has a deep foundation to withstand this changing tide, and is not at risk from the receding sands. It will stand for another hundred years, the way it has stood for the last thousand. 

The pinnacles stand among one thousand friends, in Nambung National Park, on the edge of the Indian Ocean in Western Australia. Each rock a monument marking the passage of time, each testament to the strength in its limestone. 

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