The Photographer

The Photographer

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All alone on the ice in his pursuit of the perfect picture the frozen visual explorer slowly shuffles across the clear slippery surface of the frozen void in sub 40 degree temperatures, no longer feeling anything but his shaking bones.  Just one more minute he tells himself, one more shot, one more view, one more moment of light before I seek shelter and warmth inside.

Dawn has broken and the sky rapidly turns a brilliant blue, the suns shimmering glow grows stronger stealing the perfect painterly light and he at last can allow himself thoughts of comfort indoors.  The cost of chasing the light in landscapes, frozen stiff fingers and crystal encrusted eye lashes, the shivering, the silent suffering for his art.  Was it worth it, he's never asked himself that question, he's too motivated by his passion to dwell on such useless thoughts, these eyes have seen a million worthy images, the tales he tells, a life lived fully.

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