The Light

The Light

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A symbol of hope and rest for the weary traveler, always reaching out but where does its strength come from.  Look up and see the inner workings of the candles heart, the author is showing us the intricate design and connections of metals, lenses, and lamps. It is the core of the lighthouse. Everything revolves around the big central lens which must never falter or fail its humble duty sending life itself across the waves. 

The polished glass encasing the torch and shields it from the slightest breeze to the most destructive storm, it is the eye of the system, nothing can be allowed to extinguish its glow.  The lightning rod, connected to the metal cupola roof to shed off excess charge when lightning dares strikes, and proudly propped above a weather vane always compliant to show where the wind calls, a perfect system.

This image portrays the excellent knowledge the artist possesses when it comes to appropriately displaying light and form. The direction of the light gives a balance between the shadows and the highlights, subtly directing our gaze and engaging our curiosity to the captivating parts. See the shimmering metallic luster is enhanced with the artist skill, drawing us in to the geometric shapes and patterns.

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