Sydney Sailing

Sydney Sailing

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The restless siren call of the tumultuous sea is daring us come out and play, no longer slumbering in its blue robe the waves are awake and playing on the wind. Alive and energized it is like being a buzzing be of motion and chaotic movements of cool brisk windy sounds and soft filtered light.  The sea takes on a glassy sheen, marred by the strong pull of a southerly current as the sails fill taunt with wind, pushing the crafts along with the slight lean of the yachts hull. In the distance Sydney watches, the tall buildings stand reverently still surveying the urban harbor from the busy shores.

Sydney sailing is a heart-stirring experience, where sailors get an opportunity to capture the fighting life of freedom and nature. This shot inspires us that,  no matter what course we set, the wind can enable a yacht in finding its way through the seascape,  in the same way the waves of change in our lives helps us to find our true direction.

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