Strahov Library

Strahov Library

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The Strahov Library, sitting inside the Strahov Monastery, was completed in 1679. The library has survived floods, fires, assaults from French and Bavarian troops in 1742 and communism, and was restored in 1994. The library contains over 200,000 volumes, 3000 manuscripts and 1500 first prints. 

To walk in its halls is to feel a part of history, as though the abbots of the past might whisper their secrets to you. The glorious artworks adorning the ceiling, the smooth hand-painted globes, the seemingly endless tomes of great philosophers adorning the ornately carved bookshelves gives you a grand inspiration for your own breakthrough. As you ponder the mapmakers whose reports were compiled to create that globe, the craftsman who built it and the adventurers who used it, you feel a thread of history reach out and touch you, passing the torch to you, the next seeker. 

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