Smoky Cape Lighthouse

Smoky Cape Lighthouse

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Dawns first light shines upon the old proud lighthouse signalling its thanks to the night watchmen for once again standing guard over the rocks and waves in her absence.  A never ending ritual that has existed for the benefit of human lives upon the moody sea for generations.  The grand old solider can rest in the new days warmth, ready to take up his watch again at night fall.

Following up the windy path to the lighthouse door we can stand and view the ever changing ocean, see what the day has in-store for us, search for passing whales or spot a distant sail on the horizon.  The wind strongly buffets against us shaking loose the last tendrils of sleep and readies us for the new day.  A magnificent view down over the cliffs and around the bend to the quaint seaside town, with salt in the air and such a faithful keeper at our back, greet the new day and all it has to offer us.

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