River Bed

River Bed

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This seasonal river bed lies dormant in the rugged outback climate of South Australia's Flinders Ranges.  The wide sandy bed lined with giant White Gums rooted deep in it's moist depts waits patiently for flood season to flow with life again.  The willowy branches dangle invitingly down in splashes of shade upon the hot white sands in a greeny grey leafy display of typical Aussie foliage.  Rusty spotted patches of red mare the snowy white trunks making them look old and dilapidated despite their obvious size and strength.

Following the winding river bed in an avenue of shady giants, the dappled sunlight lights the smooth river pebbles strewn across the sands like a cobbled path purposefully laid to walk upon this sandy street.   Kookuburras laugh in some hidden branches as we pass by underneath, it's a dream time landscape, walk a while, it whispers on the breeze....

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