Palm Reflections

Palm Reflections

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Willowy iridescent Palm fronds needle there way out over the water creating a lush green paradise hidden deep inside this forest.  The tall straight redwoods stand solider like all around the secret alcove streaking the daylight in shinning beams of filtered sunshine that bounces itself off the silent ponds water.  Plump feathery moss clings lovingly along the twisted branches over hanging the mirrored surface like a moist velvet coat.

Sounds are muffled in the dappled undergrowth and reverberate around the waters edge from the calls of small native birds and chirping crickets.  If you listen carefully you can hear the scurry of beetles and gentle humming insects, a vibrant dragonfly flits its way to sip the tranquil waters.  A hidden peaceful gem to sit amidst the whiskery ferns and watch the shimmering reflections dance on the whisper of a breeze across the water.

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