On the Horizon

On the Horizon

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Step into the void, on the edge of night and day, a transition time that lingers longer in wide open spaces.  Alone with our thoughts, surrounded by silence, flat earth below and the swallowing heavens above we stand on precipice of a new day dawning.  Light slowly filters through the horizon bathing the sky slowly orange and silhouetting a distant solitary tree.  Like us alone in this never ending space that dwarfs us with it's size and beauty.

It's a tranquil time to reflect on the hurried pace of the life we lead, out here nothing seems bigger then being here right now.  Nothing more important or pressing then standing to watch the suns light creep across the changing sky filling up the world with its warmth and vitality.  It's a humbling place to stand here so small in comparison to nature, to drink it in, to be vulnerable and at home all at once.

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