Murphy's Mill

Murphy's Mill

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Old mills are such a rare sight to the modern ever updating world, watching one spin gently, the quiet toiling of its labor takes you back to a time long since past.  The high tower on which it endlessly rotates, seem like a fortress in its own self.  Built to stand the test of time, watch this power from a softer era where man and machine worked side by side.

Imagine the sights it’s witnessed and the storms of life it’s weathered away.  Listen for the workers ghostly voices still faintly floating in its beating heart.  The artist has brought forth the past into the future and demonstrated science against nature in this splendid image.  He makes you just want to sit there and watch it spin with the winds that drive it.  Take your time, rest in its shade and let the blades lull you into daydreaming a while.

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