Monument Valley Overlook

Monument Valley Overlook

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Stand in awe at the majestic power of time and weather, from this view point you feel on top of the world looking out across the valley floor.  Cup a hand over your eyes and stare out at the smoky-hued sky and all that rustic splendour.  The photographer has pulled you up with him to see what he sees, take in his efforts as you survey in wonder.

The land stretches on for miles, full of the rich vibrancy that only nature can make, the smoky blue mists swirling around the bases of these large rustic formations add depth to their sharp ridges. You crave to get closer and follow the mellow green valley, venture on a hike and gaze up at the monuments for yourself.

At such heights, you feel empowered by the sweeping bird's eye view, hear the Eagles call to fly, yet at the same time when your gaze shifts to lock on the distant soaring red rock forms you realise how small you are in a world so vast and wonderful.

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