Misty Gums

Misty Gums

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Standing in the eerie quiet of the swirling mist we can just make out the muffled sounds of native birds calling through the tree tops to each other above.  Insects scurry on the tree trunks and ferns, the bush is alive around us with busy beetles and buzzing winged creatures.  The air cold and brisk inside the foggy shroud, the light milky and beautifully soft, a secluded scared place away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Dew wets our legs, clinging to the green foliage in round clear droplets of sweet water, the sun now up but hidden from view is slowly warming the day, breaking into our sheltered forest world.  A magical way to see the Australian native bush, draped in mist and sparkling in the pretty light, let's go explore it more.

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