Lighthouse Door & Stairs

Lighthouse Door & Stairs

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Only the wind gently knocks now on the old lighthouse door so tightly nestled between its lovingly crafted sandstone blocks.  Shut tight against the ever changing moody ocean with its violent temper tantrums forever a threat it seals the inner sanctum of the lighthouse belly.  Inside it has kept the secret workings of the tireless blinking light safe down the through the generations of Australian seamen and women.  Kept dry the keepers at work and the very candle that sends its lifesaving beams across the inky black waves of night to warn of the jagged cliffs it so proudly sits upon.

The spiral stairs wrap securely around the lighthouse waist as they rise up towards its head, only safe in the calm light of day.  Shall we climb a way and surveyor the splendid view across the white crested waves, maybe spy a migrating whale or passing ship out on the Coral Sea.

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