Legs of the Giant

Legs of the Giant

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These majestic trunks rise from their deeply rooted toes buried in the rich lush soil of a North American Sequoia forest. Like a scene from a children's fairy tale our imagination conjures up a vivid leafy clothed giant hiding out of sight in the fluffy white clouds of our fantasy. Are you game enough to pass between his legs, careful he might catch you?

Standing before this mighty gateway drink in the forest sounds surrounding you, earthy tones greet the eyes and earthy smells tickle the nostrils while flitting birds wing fleetly overhead. Scented pine also wafts on a gentle swirling breeze, run your finger tips over the knobbly textured bark, lay your ear on the trunk and listen for the sound of sap and growing grains. Sit a while in the dappled sunlight filtering down from the soaring tree tops, rest in nature and sooth your weary soul.

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