Larb Hollow Aspens

Larb Hollow Aspens

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Winter solstice is spooked by icy weather as the sun dips to its lowest point in the sky, the landscape now covered in a blanket of pristine white fresh crystalline snow. The aspen trees reveal their soft details of the forest on a winters day as they stand sentinel over the frozen landscape, their bark shines in the soft billowy light. The sort of image that inspires the mind to the heady heights of imagination, opening doors to fantastical kingdoms blended by the dark patches of struggle, bring out the serenity and the beauty of the landscape.

Winter holds us spellbound to capture the simple yet complex images that offer the essence of beauty.  So often more than making up for whatever is lost in this monochromatic season, dispensing a scene that can inspire a creative eye to find all the hidden grandeur.

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