Lake Louise Hut

Lake Louise Hut

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A man doesn’t want to be reduced to an image of himself captured between four walls, but he certainly has a strong need to belong somewhere. A light in the distance calls out in waves of warmth and associations on an idea of what we call home, a moment of peace and warmth is experienced just by looking at this image we have in front ourselves.

Hidden between the ageless mountains, surrounded by lake and snow, with light that only glimpses in the distance, this cabin provides a guarantee of something peaceful and stable. With just one look at the photograph, the mind creates an idea about a special kind of peace and solitude that man inheritantly craves. Instinctively, the soul creates the desire for solitude and tranquility which can be found in this dwelling. Although at first glance it might seem too cold, in the background is hiding the idea of warmth – Come inside and find your self at home.

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