Ivy Door

Ivy Door

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The creeping Ivy dressed in its splendid scarlet Autumn coat clings weepingly over the old cottage in a vibrant display of natures beauty.  A time of year where every leaf competes as if flowers in competition for the deepest richest hues.  With it's tangling vines woven so intricately together it covers the quaint little building in a protective warm embrace, only letting the window blink open like an all seeing eye and the yawning door freedom to open and close on a whim.

The days are growing shorter and the air has turned crisp in the late afternoon light, a telling sign that winter steals stealthy closer.  The damp musty smells of autumns fall lingeringly reaches the nose as the already discarded leafy clutter of this season crunches underfoot along the garden path.  Is anyone at home?  Let's knock and see, I think I heard the kettle boiling.

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