Ice Carver

Ice Carver

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The Carver stands poise, focused, always keeping his eye on the job. His hands flutter with speed like a narrow minded honey bee.  He is busy, cutting and smoothing, chipping and shaping with his tools.  Not happy till the perfect figure miraculously emerges from the ice through his own skill and planning.  Coldly defiant the ice stands in front of him, hard and unyielding; it challenges the carver at every stroke.

Tiny shimmering ice flecks cover him and the surrounds but he will not relent till he gets want he wants.  In the background are other workers busy with their own creations. The carver remains unperturbed of that fact; undistracted and committed to his own goal, too busy to concern himself with whatever his rivals are making.

With an excellent use of light, the Artist draws our attention to the facial expression of the worker.  It is the unwavering attention to what he is doing the claims the limelight, see his thoughts in action, but don’t get too close to the flying ice chill.

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